About Hotel Polo Max

Hotel Polo Towers Group welcomes you to a new kind of Polo Experience - Hotel Polo Max! After creating award-winning hotels in Shillong, Tura, and the most famous resort in Cherrapunjee, the Polo Towers Group has now opened Hotel Polo Max, Allahabad and Hotel Polo Max, Jabalpur.
The things that Polo Max travellers are not looking for are fancy wines, speciality restaurants, spas, banquets and oversized lobbies.
Business travellers spend 80% of their time inside their hotel room, but 60% of the room tariff goes towards the 20% that travellers don’t use. 75% of a hotel cost in terms of salaries is 20% of ancillary services. Thus, Polo Max gives our guest 80% at 40%.

Hotel Polo Max promises!

  • Sleep happy- The secret of good sleep is Maxrest beds.

    - Maxrest Mattresses.
    - Feather Duvets.
    - Great Fresh Linen.

  • Shower happy- The secret of great showers is Maxpowers.

    - Max power showers.
    - Bath ware by Grohe.
    - Shaving mirrors.

  • Eat happy- In-room delivery.

    - Social spaces with free tea and coffee maker.
    - Food court with many options.

Before the very start of a new busy day, Hotel Polo Max offers a FRESH START. Great breakfast is being provided in the Mumbai Masala restaurant with a wide variety of cuisines.